Civics: the missing link of Somali education system

Civics is the study of the great theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body and to the government. It includes the study of civil law and civil code, and the study of government with attention to the role of […]

Five things that attracted me in Baidoa

It was my first time to travel to Baidoa. The days were limited, and here are five things I observed from Baidoa. 1. Solar water system It was my first time seeing a Solar-Powered water system. It is a “Waqf” well given by Shati Gadud before his death. After his death, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) […]

Marine Science: an important but ignored science in Somalia

Somalia has many resource endowments. The most notable resources are the large fertile land, the livestock and the marine resources. Research shows that according to our migration from the rural to the urban, the number of livestock dropped. The agricultural production is also too weak. In addition, we do not know how to make use […]


Waxa ay ahayd subax Jimco ah. Waxa aan usoconnay aniga iyo saaxiibkey degmada Xamarweyne. Waxa aan taagnaa isgoyska Banaadir. Waxa aan sugayay gawaarida dadweynaha aadda Xamarweyne  siina marta wadada Sayidka si aan dhaqsi ugu ugaaro halkii aan u socday.

A complete semester of Teaching Mogadishu University

After a semester of my graduation, I was called by the university and was informed that the university planned for me to teach a course to the faculty I had graduated. It was unexpected news. I felt happy. I informed some friends that I might teach the university this semester.


Every state has three main organs that design and implement the state’s goals and objectives – the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The quality of the public servants and how they work to achieve state’s goals determine the success or failure of that state.